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From Hoodies to Suits Business Book Cover

Learn how digital asset technologies can be applied to the regulated, traditional finance industry for improved performance and potential returns.

In From Hoodies to Suits: Innovating Digital Assets for Traditional Finance, leading finance innovator Annelise Osborne bridges the gap between the “hoodies” who invented the technology behind digital assets and the “suits” who run traditional financial markets, in an entertaining and insightful guide for implementing digital assets in an institutional environment.

You’ll discover the possibilities unlocked by new technological advancements, including alternative investments, new marketplaces, interoperability between counterparties, and even improved forms of diversification. You’ll also find:

  • Discussions of why the adoption of digital assets is so critical for the future of finance and the ways the industry’s largest players are implementing its technologies and concepts now

  • Explorations of what we can learn from some of the crypto industry’s most infamous and well-known wins and losses, including the collapse of FTX

  • Strategies for implementing institutional digital assets to realize opportunities in private markets, funds, debt, repo, alternative assets and back office transactions in this evolving and dynamic financial environment

A fascinating new take on the future of finance, From Hoodies to Suits is a must-read guide for aspiring and practicing finance professionals, technology developers, fintech paticipants, and anyone else with an interest in the intersection of finance and technology.

J. Christopher Giancarlo, former Chairman, US Commodity Futures Trading Commission & Executive Chairman, Digital Dollar Project

"A must read for senior executives, corporate management, policy makers and investors to understand the history, benefits and future of institutional digital assets and how they will change everything we know about recording and transacting things of value." 

Nitin Gaur,

Global Head Digital Assets, State Street 

"For finance and technology executives, this book is not just recommended; it is essential reading. Osborne accelerates the perspective of the landscape, empowering decision-makers to make intelligent and well-informed choices. "Hoodies to Suits" transcends being a mere book; it becomes a strategic tool for those steering the helm of finance and technology, equipping them with the knowledge to navigate the dynamic shifts in the industry.”

Edward A. Glickman,

Executive Chairman USA, AIP Asset Management 

"Annelise Osborne succeeds brilliantly at the difficult task of explaining the complex origins and use cases of crypto finance while creating a captivating, fun to read book. This book breathes life into personalities and palpable excitement of the formation of a new industry. Bravo."

What is so GREAT about BLOCKCHAIN?

Decreases Costs

Efficiency, decrease of intermediaries, reduced costs, increased transactions speed. 

Reduced costs have been proven out by institutional use cases. 

Opens New Markets

Tradable, tokenization, smaller deals, programmable compliance features and payments, real time settlement. 

Builds Trust

Transactions are transparent and traceable, improving security and privacy.  Blocks are Immutable and parties have access to the same information.

“Bitcoin itself is a hyped-up fraud,” Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase CEO, replied. “It’s a pet rock.” But then Sorkin began to ask about firms like BlackRock investing in infrastructure to support cryptocurrencies, and Dimon began to soften.

“No, no, that’s different,” he said, extending his hand. “Blockchain is a technology ledger system that we use to move information…We’ve used it to move money.”

In short, blockchain is not bitcoin, and blockchain is the future of finance.

About the Author

Annelise Osborne

Born in Finland and raised on Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands, Annelise Osborne has worked in New York, Kyiv, and London. After over 15 years in traditional finance, she moved to the startup world once she recognized the benefits of blockchain technology for traditional capital markets. Annelise has lectured at many universities and is a speaker at industry events. She holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BA from the College of William and Mary. Annelise lives in Westport, CT with her three boys and rescue pups. 

Past Discussions

Check out my YouTube channel for more

Join digital asset innovator Annelise Osborne and Inveniam CEO Patrick O'Meara as they discuss the ongoing journey toward the institutional integration of digital assets. This webinar provides a comprehensive overview of how digital assets are evolving within the institutional landscape. From blockchain technology to tokenization, the pair explores the infrastructure and strategies reshaping how institutions manage, invest, and interact with assets. Other topics include: understanding the role of blockchain in Institutional finance, real-world case studies, and navigating regulatory requirements.

Institutional Digital Asset Webinar
Institutional Digital Asset Webinar

Arca hosted The Digital Age for Institutional Investors (DAFII) on May 18, 2022. This annual conference provided sophisticated investors with the knowledge and insights to help transition into a fully digital age. Tokenizing Capital Markets is about where Financial Innovators meet digital asset pioneers to deliberate how blockchain and crypto assets can increase operational efficiencies, transform product roadmaps, and direct institutions towards a tokenized future with trusted investment partners.

In this episode, Annelise is joined by Richard Walker, Partner and Co-Leader of web3 and Metaverse, at Bain & Company to discuss his 4 key recommendations for institutions exploring tokenization. Listen to their conversation to understand how institutions are integrating tokenization into their tech stack to stay relevant and competitive long term.

Institutional Digital Assets Webinar
Institutional Digital Assets Webinar

In this episode, Annelise is joined by Sandy Kaul, Senior Vice President at Franklin Templeton, for the launch of Tokenization Talks. Learn about how tokenized alternative investments expand and create unique economic value that align with your personal values, and provide utility such as access to clubs, events, opportunities or information.

Today's video features Annelise Osborne (Head of Institutional at Arca Labs), Jonah Schulman (Head of Comms at Security Token Market), and Peter Gaffney (Head of Research at Security Token Advisors) in its efforts to provide the initial playbook to institutions looking to leverage blockchain technology for their own assets and operations.

Institutional Digital Assets Webinar

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